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The Mobile Groomer, LLC    

Business Established in 2009

 Doggie Dolittle Ran 7 Counties in Northern New Jersey 

I opened here on March 14th 2014

Business Licenses

Osceola 131776, Orange 1124180, Polk 176286

Customer Satisfaction Award - 4 years in a row on
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A message from Doggie Dolittle. 

Every animal gets a flea & tick bath at time of grooming.

The shampoo I use kills fleas & ticks (Pet Scents Shampoo)

I carry 45 gallons of water & use a 7000 watt generator. I do not hook up to your house.

My Trailer is a 7 x 14 Tandem 3500 lbs I groom all dogs any size.
"Haircut Prices"

All haircut prices include nail clips and ear cleaning.

Extra Small Dog............................$40.00

Small Dog......................................$50.00

Medium Dog ..................................$70.00

Large Dog.......................................$85.00

Extra Large....................$100.00 to $125.00

Labordoodle and Goldendoodle - $100.00 the 1st hour
and 25.00 every half hour after the 1st hour


Extra Charges

Teeth Brushing.............$10.00

Dematting........$5.00 - $20.00

Special Handling.....$10.00 - $30.00

No Skunked animals

 (20 miles Around Kissimmee, Florida)

The website phone # transfers to my cell

(407) 625-2548

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Doggie Dolittle Mobile Pet Grooming LLC

"Bath Prices"

Doggie Bath:
40.00—up to 40 lb.
60.00—40 lb. - 80 lb.
80.00—80 lb. and up

Prices are only for short hair bath dogs.


Cat Bath:
65.00 for short hair
85.00 for long hair

85.00 for lion cuts



Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming That Saves You Time and Money

Give the family pet some extra pampering with the services of Doggie Dolittle Mobile Pet Grooming, LLC You no longer have to spend time driving to and from your local grooming shop, because we come to you. Grooming services are customized according to the breed you own, and we do everything from shave downs (smoothy), breed cuts, puppy cuts, bathing, Ear hair removal and cleaning, to nail cutting. Contact us at (407) 625-2548 in Kissimmee Florida 34744, for mobile dog and cat grooming that saves you time and money.

Doggie Dolittle Mobile Pet Grooming, LLC uses an all natural herbal shampoo called Pet Scents™. It includes all the ingredients fleas hate, so it's an organic repellent.

 Dog Grooming for All Breed Cuts
Terriers • Non-Sporting Group • Toy Group • Sporting Group
Herding Group • Hound Group • Working Group


Leela - Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming in Randolph, NJ
Meet My Dog Leela

Another Happy Customer


Dog Grooming 

Dog grooming service begins with an evaluation of the skin for fleas and ticks, including checking your dog's ears and removing hair from them. Other pre-grooming services include nail cutting, belly shaving, and anus cleaning and sanitizing. When your dog has long hair, we use a skip tooth blade for proper cutting. A dog bath comes next, then we dry the hair with a forced air dryer that blows out all of the under coat and dead hair, your pet's hair is cut again with a finish blade. After that, we do a brush out to complete the grooming process. Service usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on your dog's coat condition and size of your dog. 

Cat Grooming
Cat grooming includes bathing and a comb out when its coat is in decent shape. Shaving service will be recommended when your cat's coat is heavily matted. We also cut nail tips on indoor cats to keep them from scratching you.

We prefer to cut the nails & bath indoor cats in your home sink to keep stress levels to a minimum, Cats can become stressed very easily.


When your dog scratches the ear or ears alot. Check the ear for hair growing from the ear canal. The hair stops the ear from breathing and causes ear infections. 


Call (407) 625-2548 now for mobile dog and cat grooming that leaves your pet with a shiny coat.

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Contact our mobile groomer at (407) 625-2548 in Kissimmee, FL, for mobile dog and cat grooming servicing St. Cloud, Orlando & surrounding areas.

Service area:

West Kissimmee, East Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Lake Nona, Southeast Orlando, Southwest Orlando, Meadow Woods, South Chase Village, Whipser Lakes, Pepper Mill, Hunter Creek, West Creek, Celebration, Buena Vista, Lake Wilson, Polo Park, Bahama Bay, Four Corners, Loughman, Intercession City, Campbell City,Haines City, Davenport City, State Road 27,  Poinciana City, St Cloud Manor, Narcoossee, Polk County, South Orange County, Osceola County, Buenaventura lake, BVL Doctor Phillips Windermere Oak Ridge Clermont Waterford Lakes mobile, dog grooming, cat grooming, dog bath, cat bath, mobile groomer, nails, groomer, groom, puppy, kitty | 
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